Construction Questions

Turn key means that we handle every part of the construction process. Once you have approved the design, specifications and selected colors, we take over and manage the process from pulling building permits all the way through to handing you the keys to your completed new home.

Customer will have access to our program “Builder Trend” and can track the progress of their new home.

In order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy from your local building department, you will have to have electrical service to the house, installing the utilities on site is something that can be done while your house is being constructed at the building center, simultaneously.
Our homes come with a wide variety of cabinet finishes and styles.
We offer various appliance packages through our Build Centers. You can also choose to bring in your own appliances.
Yes you can, on select models. The Build Center will “rough-in” for site-installed specialty items according to the specifications or cut sheets that you provide.
Overbuilt refers to the extra engineering, materials, adhesives, fasteners and attention to structural detail that goes into a system-built home so that it can be transported to the site and set on the foundation.
We can set your home on either a crawl-space or a basement. When you visit our courtyard, you can view a foundation.
Fiberglass batts with vapor barrier are used in the walls; R-19 is standard in our houses. Attics have a blown in insulation.

Pricing Questions

Visit with one of our home consultants who will review your plans and make a list of specifications. There is no charge for pricing your custom home.

General Questions

While our Build Centers are located in Indiana and Ohio, they would love to host you on a tour of their facility to see your home being built. You can work with your GS Courtyard Homes sales consultant to schedule a visit.
The single biggest difference between a system-built home and one built on-site is the building location, one is built on site and the other is built at an off-site Build Center with all of the advantages that go with that. Both are built to the same building code with the same materials. A site-built home has no financing advantage, no appraisal advantage and no appreciation advantage over a custom system-built home. Our homes have 10-year structural warranty at no additional cost, something very few site-built homes even offer. A system-built home is over-built so that it can be transported to the site and set on the foundation.
We currently have 8 model homes you can walk through during our business hours; visit our Design Center to experience our beautiful homes!

Click on our “Model Homes” page to see homes by Fairmont, Heckamann, MHE and Skyline.

1-year Build Center and extended warranties are available for purchase.
Just about anywhere that is accessible for the trucks that deliver the house. Before entering into a contract for the sale of a house, we review the building site and route to confirm that we will be able to get the house onto the site.